Listing and donating to your cause with Humanity Mall is free and easy.

You set up an account, you list you favorite causes, and when your shopping earns cash back rewards, you decide where you donation dollars go. You don't have to stress over anything, you can submit any cause listing into the HM directory, and once you have some cash back to donate, your cash back can easily be donated to the cause of your choice.

It's both free to the shoppers and free to the causes.

Every day, people are online shopping for the products they love, and active with the causes they believe in. Now the two can be combined, and you can list your favorite causes and generate donations for your favorite nonprofit organizations by shopping online.

Shop and give to your favorite charity or submit your own

When you register and shop through Humanity Mall, you get to choose any charity and donate your cash back rewards to your favorite cause.

View The Impact

Our team ensures your donation goes to your not-for-profit organization of choice. You can login to your account to see how much you have personally donated just by shopping.

Ready to shop and give to your favorite cause?