Cash Back made simple

Shop through Humanity Mall at your favorite stores.
Earn Cash Back on your purchases.
Get your Cash back and donate!

Top Cash Back Stores

Sanuk Canada
4.0% Cash Back!
4.0% Cash Back!
Organic Merchants Co.
7.5% Cash Back!
3.5% Cash Back!
Eastern Mountain Sports
3.5% Cash Back!
6.0% Cash Back!
Real Goods
2.0% Cash Back!
YogaDirect, LLC
5.0% Cash Back!
7.5% Cash Back!
2.5% Cash Back!
3.0% Cash Back!
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#1 Register

Once Humanity Mall goes live in fall 2016, you can easily log in to set up your own account and become a member. Humanity Mall is a non-profit organization that receives cash rebates from the stores listed on our site, which we use to help you donate to your favorite causes. Commissions made from your online purchases can be directed to donated to your favorite charity. When your account is created, you can start shopping and start tracking your rewards and how much you are giving to your favorite causes.
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#2 Shop

After your account is created, you can start shopping your selected brands and stores. Shop for the products you would already be purchasing, start watching the rewards roll in, and know that shopping earns rewards that are given to your most cherished causes. Humanity Mall has selected a vast and choice array of online affiliate stores to shop from, and made it simple to shop online and earn rewards that can be donated to charity. They also offer super online savings coupons as well! What is an affiliate store? Our affiliate stores are online sites of your favorite household name brand stores! They are companies that give us rebates as commissions for referring people to their stores & making online purchases through our website.
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#3 Get your Cash back and donate!

Now for the best part, you will start earning money and helping the causes most dear to your heart. Humanity mall gives you cash back rewards and donates 10% of our share to your favorite charity.  For Humanity Mall, it’s a win for everyone! Humanity Mall gets a commission from that sale, and you win because you get extra cash for doing what you are already doing, shopping online. Your donated share is donated by Humanity mall to your charity, and you may even choose to donate more of your commission, but that’s entirely up to you.